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Research Archives

This is a collection of programs and program notes, including information coming from the research that went into City Garage productions. They are published here as a service to the theatre, artistic, and academic communities.

While this work is copyrighted material, it may be freely copied for non-commercial use or for theatrical presentations. If you do use the material, please let us know!

Also, if you find this work to be of value, consider making a contribution to City Garage!

steinwachs.rtf 1998: Georges Sand: An Erotic Odyssey in Seven Tableaux, Ginka Steinwachs
ionesco.rtf 1999: Journeys Among the Dead
ShepardProgram.pdf 1999: The Shepard Project
cormann.rtf 1999: Noises
rozewicz.rtf 1999: White Wedding (Marriage Blanc)
cormann2.rtf 2000: Cabale
koltes_tournier.rtf 2000: Night Just Before the Forest & The Fetishist
mueller.rtf 2000: MedeaText: Los Angeles/Despoiled Shore
widmer.rtf 2000: Top Dogs
schwab.rtf 2000: The Presidents
duncombe.rtf 2000: Atrocities: Meetings with Monstrous Men
churchill.rtf 2001: The Skriker
chaurette.rtf 2001: The Queens
duncombe2.rtf 2001: Frederick of Prussia
stein.rtf 2001: The Gertrude Stein Project
bender.rtf 2002: The Girl in the Flammable Skirt
ostermaier.rtf 2002: Titus Tartar
duncombe3.rtf 2002: Cinema Stories: Ceremonies of Unendurable Bondage
Fassbinder02.rtf 2003: Katzelmacher
debeauvoir1.rtf 2003: The Sweet Madness (La folie douce)
OedipusProgram.pdf 2003: OedipusText: Los Angeles
EmpireProgram.pdf 2004: The Empire Builders
PatriotActProgram_.pdf 2004: Patriot Act
LessonProgram.pdf 2004: The Lesson
DonQuixoteProgram.pdf 2005: Don Quixote: Which Was a Dream
The_Battle-ABCProgram.pdf 2005: The Battle: ABC
Agamemnon_Program.pdf 2006: Agamemnon (Three by Mee Part 1)
Bacchae_Program.pdf 2006: The Bacchae (Three by Mee Part 2)
Iphigenia_Program.pdf 2006: Iphigenia (Three by Mee Part 3)
RhinocerosProgram.pdf 2007: Rhinoceros
QuartetProgram.pdf 2007: Quartet
BaldSopranoProgram.pdf 2007: The Bald Soprano
TheMissionProgram.pdf 2008: The Mission (Accomplished)
BadPennyProgram.pdf 2008: Bad Penny
TheB_G_Program.pdf 2008: The Bourgeois Gentilhomme
SchoolForWives_program.pdf 2009: The School for Wives
TheChairs_Program.pdf 2009: The Chairs
TrojanWomen_program.pdf 2009: The Trojan Women
MarriageofFigaro_Program.pdf 2010: The Marriage of Figaro
ParadisePark_Program.pdf 2010: Paradise Park
SgnarelleAND4-48Psychosis_Program.pdf 2011: Sgnarelle and 4.48 Psychosis (combined program)
FilthyTalkForTroubledTimes_Program.pdf 2012: Filthy Talk for Troubled Times